The First Navy Chiefs

CMM Paul Fox, 1902.
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In reading through far too many pages of 19th century Navy documents to assemble the names on this site, sometimes I come across "newer" stuff. Some of that "newer" stuff occasionally lists the names of the some of the first modern Navy chiefs to be promoted under US Navy Regulation Circular No. 1, published 13 March 1893, effective 1 April 1893.

For the salvation of the selectees sent on snipe hunts to find out who they were, I've posted their names below as I come across them along with effective date if known.

  • FLYNN, J. J. - Chief Boatswain's Mate, USS Lancaster, 16 April 1893

  • JOHNS, B. F. - Chief Master-At-Arms, USS Lancaster, 16 April 1893

  • MCBRIDE, William A. - Chief Quartermaster, USS Lancaster, 16 April 1893
    McBride enlisted in the Navy 19 November 1873 and served aboard the USS Pawnee, St. Louis, Mahopac, Swatara, Vermont, Omaha, Lancaster, San Francisco and Constellation. He retired from Constellation as Chief Quartermaster on 12 August 1898. McBride died 18 November 1903.

  • OLSEN, Harry - Chief Quartermaster, USS Monongahela, April 1893
    Demoted to seaman by his CO and ADSEP'ed 28 July 1893 by order of BUPERS after investigation into allegations of misconduct.

  • PERRY, Louis - Chief Gunner's Mate, USS Lancaster, 16 April 1893

  • SUTTON, William - Chief Quartermaster, USS Monongahela, April 1893
    Sutton enlisted in the Navy 22 August 1872 and served board USS Omaha, Richmond, Onward, Wabash, Portsmouth, Quinnebaug, Vermont, Philadelphia, Monongahela, Essex and Franklin. He was MEDSEP'ed from the Franklin on 21 February 1894 after being found unfit for sea duty. Sutton eventually moved to Portsmouth, England where he died 13 July 1920.

  • WILLIAMS, Hy - Chief Carpenter's Mate, USS Lancaster, 16 April 1893