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The data here has been collated from period publications and historical records produced by Congress and the U. S. Navy that are deposited in the National Archives and accessible on-line. While the names are accurate as far as I can collect from currently accessible records, the lists on these pages are likely not 100 per cent complete. However there is a four year project at the National Archives in progress to digitize deck logs and muster roll from the Civil War-era Navy, so someday the list may be somewhat complete.

Young US Navy sailor at New Orleans (1862-1865).
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I do not do genealogical research and cannot tell you more information on ancestors or descendants of the sailors and marines listed on these pages, do look ups of information or go photograph locations or graves for you (the site author lives near Gulf Shores, works full time and many locations are quite time consuming to drive to due to distance and tourist traffic). Citations are at the bottom of each page naming the source of the information for that purpose. Nor will I do your school history homework. All requests of these sort will be ignored.

If you are researching a sailor who served during the Civil War, please see the records at Fold3.com as a starting point (FYI: if you are active duty, the MWR online library has free access to that site as well as Ancestry.com). Historical Marine Corps records are a bit more spotty, but Ancestry.com does have USMC muster rolls digitized and you can trace your Marine's PCSing from command to command via them.

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