Medal of Honor Recipients

SECTION 7. And it is further enacted, That the Secretary of the Navy be, and is hereby, authorized to cause two hundred medals of honor to be prepared with suitable emblematic devices which shall be bestowed upon such petty officers, seaman, landsman, and marines as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other seamanlike qualities during the present war.

"An Act to Promote the Efficiency of the Navy, approved 21 December 1861.

Here all sailors and marines of the West Gulf Blockading Squadron who were bestowed the Medal of Honor as listed in General Orders are listed, including those who later forfeited their medals by reasons of misconduct.

Out of 128 Medals of Honors given to sailors and marines in the West Gulf Squadron, 76 percent of them were for one singular event, the Battle of Mobile Bay.

At least 28 of those 128 medals were never claimed by their rightful owners or forfeited due to misconduct or desertion and were still in the possession of the Department of the Navy as of FEB 6, 1898 per a New York Times article of that month. As of June 2013, that list of medals from the West Gulf Squadron still in the Navy's collection was eleven.


G.O. 11 3 APR 1863G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
  Name Rate/Rank Command Date G.O. Date
Thomas E. AtkinsonYeomanUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
James AverySeamanUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
Charles BakerQuarter GunnerUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
George H. BellCaptain of the AfterguardUSS Santee7 NOV 1861G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
William BlageenShip's CookUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Thomas BourneSeamanUSS Varuna24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
Amos BradlyLandsmanUSS Varuna24 APR 1862
John BrazellQuartermasterUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Christopher BrennanSeamanUSS Colorado (TAD to USS Mississippi)24 APR 1862G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
Andrew BrinnSeamanUSS Mississippi14 MAR 1863G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
John BrownCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Robert BrownCaptain of the TopUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
William H. BrownLandsmanUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Wilson BrownLandsmanUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
James BuckQuartermasterUSS Brooklyn24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
John M. BurnsSeamanUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
William M. CarrMaster-at-ArmsUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Michael CassidyLandsmanUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
James B. ChandlerCoxswainUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Louis G. ChaputLandsmanUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
John CooperCoxswainUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
John CooperQuartermasterUSS Estrella26 APR 1865
Thomas CrippsQuartermasterUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Cornelius CroninChief QuartermasterUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Samuel W. DavisOrdinary SeamanUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Charles DeakinBoatswain's MateUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
J. Henry DenigSergeant, USMCUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Richard DennisBoatswain's MateUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
William DensmoreChief Boatswain's MateUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Bartholomew DigginsOrdinary SeamanUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
John DonnellyOrdinary SeamanUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
William DoolenCoal HeaverUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Patrick DoughertyLandsmanUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
Adam DuncanBoatswain's MateUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Richard D. DunphyCoal HeaverUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
John EdwardsCaptain of the TopUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
Edward FarrellQuartermasterUSS Owasco24 APR 1862
Thomas FitzpatrickCoxswainUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
Thomas FloodBoyUSS Pensacola24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
§Charles FlorenceBoatswain's MateUSS Cayuga24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
Martin FreemanPilot (Civilian)USS Hartford5 AUG 1864
John B. FrisbeeGunner's MateUSS Pinola24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
William GardnerSeamanUSS Galena5 AUG 1864
James R. GarrisonCoal HeaverUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
Thomas GeheganBoatswain's MateUSS Pinola24 APR 1862
John GreeneCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Varuna24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
William HalsteadCoxswainUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Hugh HamiltonCoxswainUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
John HarrisCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
Edward W. HathawayLandsmanUSS Sciota28 June 1862
Thomas HayesCoxswainUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
John Hickman2nd Class FiremanUSS Richmond14 MAR 1862G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
George Hollat3rd Class BoyUSS Varuna24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
Peter HowardBoatswain's MateUSS Mississippi14 MAR 1863G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
Michael HudsonSergeant, USMCUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Joseph IrlamSeamanUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
John IrvingCoxswainUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Nicholas IrwinSeamanUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
John H. JamesCaptain of the TopUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Henry JohnsonSeamanUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
Andrew JonesBoatswain's MateUSS Chickasaw5 AUG 1864
John E. JonesQuartermasterUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
William JonesCaptain of the TopUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Thomas JordanQuartermasterUSS Galena5 AUG 1864
Thomas KendrickCoxswainUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
Barnett KennaQuartermasterUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Samuel W. KinnairdLandsmanUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
John LawsonLandsmanUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
Thomas LyonsSeamanUSS Pensacola24 APR 1862
James MachonBoyUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Alexander MackCaptain of the TopUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
William MaddenCoal HeaverUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Edward S. MartinQuartermasterUSS Galena5 AUG 1864
James MartinSergeant, USMCUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
William MartinSeamanUSS Varuna24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
Matthew McClellandFirst Class FiremanUSS Richmond14 MAR 1863G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
James McCloudCaptain of the TopUSS Colorado (TAD to USS Pensacola)24 APR 1862
Adam McCullockSeamanUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
John C. McFarlandCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
John McGowanQuartermasterUSS Varuna24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
James McIntoshCaptain of the TopUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
William McKnightCoxswainUSS Varuna24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
James McLeodCaptain of the ForetopUSS Pensacola24 APR 1862
Charles MelvilleOrdinary SeamanUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
James MifflinEngineer's CookUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Andrew MillerSergeant, USMCUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
James H. MorganCaptain of the TopUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Patrick MurphyBoatswain's MateUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
David NaylorLandsmanUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
William D. NewlandOrdinary SeamanUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
William NicholsQuartermasterUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Daniel NobleLandsmanUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
Thomas O'ConnellCoal HeaverUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
Miles M. OviattCorporal, USMCUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
William ParkerCaptain of the AfterguardUSS Cayuga24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
George ParksCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Oscar E. PeckSecond Class BoyUSS Varuna24 APR 1862 G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
William PelhamLandsmanUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
William PhinneyBoatswain's MateUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
John PrestonLandsmanUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
Edward PriceCoxswainUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Louis RichardsQuartermasterUSS Pensacola24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
James S. RoantreeSergeant, USMCUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
John RushFirst Class FiremanUSS Richmond14 MAR 1863G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
James SeanorMaster at ArmsUSS Chickasaw5 AUG 1864
Hendrick SharpSeamanUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
James SheridanQuartermasterUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
Henry ShutesCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Wissahickon27 FEB 1863
Lebbeus SimkinsCoxswainUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
James SmithCaptain of the ForecastleUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
John SmithCaptain of ForecastleUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
John SmithSecond Captain of the TopUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Oloff SmithCoxswainUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Walter B. SmithOrdinary SeamanUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Willard M. SmithCorporal, USMCUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
David SprowleOrderly Sergeant, USMCUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
William A. StanleyShell ManUSS Hartford5 AUG 1864
James E. SterlingCoal HeaverUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
George TaylorArmorerUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
Thomas TaylorCoxswainUSS Metacomet5 AUG 1864
Samuel ToddQuartermasterUSS Brooklyn5 AUG 1864
Alexander H. TruettCoxswainUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Joseph E. VantineFirst Class FiremanUSS Richmond14 MAR 1863G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
Pinkerton R. VaughnSergeant, USMCUSS Mississippi14 MAR 1863G.O. 17 10 JUL 1863
James WardQuarter GunnerUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
William WellsQuartermasterUSS Richmond5 AUG 1864
Daniel WhitfieldQuartermasterUSS Lackawanna5 AUG 1864
Charles B. WoramSeamanUSS Oneida5 AUG 1864
Edward WrightQuartermasterUSS Cayuga24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863
Edward B. YoungCoxswainUSS Galena5 AUG 1864
William YoungBoatswain's MateUSS Cayuga24 APR 1862G.O. 11 3 APR 1863


Forfeited medal by misconduct
Medal forfeited - charged with desertion
§ Medal withheld on account of misconduct
Died before medal received