Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 2.

Commanders of Squadrons under a Commander-in-Chief, and Commanders of Divisions.

312 Whenever a fleet may be organized into squadrons, or squadrons and divisions, their respective Commanders will be responsible to their immediate Commander for the efficiency, discipline, and management of the vessels composing their squadrons or divisions.

313 All reports, returns, and requisitions will be forwarded in accordance with the routine prescribed in the article on "Correspondence."

314 The Commander of a squadron or division may correct, by signal or otherwise, any mistake or negligence of vessels of another squadron or division, when it is probable that it cannot be distinctly seen by the Commander of the squadron or division to which they belong. In battle he is carefully to observe the conduct of all vessels that may be near his own, so that, if required, he may report that of each.

315 If a Commander of a squadron or division should, during battle, perceive any vessel of a squadron or division commanded by an officer inferior or junior to himself, evidently avoiding battle, or not doing his duty, he shall make proper signals to him, or take such other measures as the case may require, and give the earliest information of his proceedings to the Commander in-Chief, and to the Commander of the squadron or division to which the vessel may belong.

316 Commanders of squadrons and divisions shall inspect the vessels under their command as often as once in a quarter; and they will make written reports to the Commander-in-Chief of their efficiency, discipline, and preparation for battle.

317 Whenever the Commander-in-Chief shall not declare his intention of maneuvering the fleet in detail, it shall be the duty of the Commanders of squadrons and divisions to make all the signals which may be necessary to regulate the movements of. their squadrons or divisions to carry into execution any general evolution, or to preserve any prescribed position which may have been ordered by the Commander-in-Chief.

318 After battle they will forward to the Commander-in-Chief the reports of the officers commanding vessels, required by paragraph 291, accompanied by full remarks of their own.

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