Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 10.


472 Midshipmen, while at the Naval Academy, will be governed by the rules of that institution.

473 If ordered to a cruising ship, they shall provide themselves with a sextant or octant, an approved treatise upon navigation, one on marine surveying, and with blank journals.

474 They are daily to ascertain the position of the ship when at sea, by observations, and dead reckoning, and send the same to their Commanding Officer.

475 They are to keep journals in such forms as may be prescribed, which they will present to the Commanding Officer for inspection, on the first day of every month, and they will at all times embrace every opportunity of acquiring useful information which may be applicable to their profession as seamen and officers.

476 They shall attend regularly to the means of instruction which may be provided for them.

477 They will not be granted leave to go on shore unless their journals are kept up, and they have copies of the watch, quarter, fire, and station bills, of separate quarter bills for their divisions, and they shall have given proper attention to their duties.

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