Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 1.

Fleet Engineer.

493 When a Chief Engineer is detailed to discharge the duties of Fleet Engineer, he will be attached to the flag-ship. His duties will be as follows:

  1. To exercise a general supervision over all the engineers of the fleet or squadron.
  2. To acquaint himself with the different kinds of engines in use in the squadron, and to take care that all means are used to keep them in the highest state of efficiency.
  3. To make, under the orders of the Commander-in-Chief, frequent inspections of machinery, and to decide upon all ordinary repairs.
  4. To recommend surveys when the imperfections or accidents are serious, and to make reports where carelessness is suspected.
  5. To see that every vessel is provided with the necessary tools, stores, and spare parts of machinery, and that every engine and boiler is cared for properly.
  6. To examine the coal used, and report to the Commander-in-Chief if there is any falling off in quality, or any undue dampness liable to produce spontaneous combustion.
  7. To see that the coal is properly stored at the different depots, and that there is at all times a sufficient quantity on hand to meet the probable wants of the squadron.
  8. To make frequent reports to the Commander-in-Chief of the condition of the engineer's department of every vessel in the squadron, and to bring to the notice of the Commander-in-Chief such engineers in charge as may be distinguished for the faithful performance of their duties.
  9. To examine all returns and requisitions made by the engineers of the fleet or squadron, and to forward them promptly, with such remarks as he may deem necessary.
  10. To recommend to the Commander-in-Chief such measures as will, in his opinion, promote efficiency, economy, and uniformity in his department of the service.
  11. And, finally, to perform such other duties relating to his position as shall be assigned to him by the Commander-in-Chief.

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