Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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799 An allotment must not exceed one-half the pay of the person granting it, except by the special permission of the Secretary of the Navy. It must be confined to mailing provision for the support of the family or other relatives of the grantor, for such time as he may be absent from them on public duty. It must not be made payable on any other than the last day of the month. After having been signed, it must have the approval of the Secretary of the Navy, or of the Commander of the vessel or station to which the person making it is attached, and will be registered by the Paymaster of such vessel or station, who will be responsible for its deduction from the grantor's pay ; or, in special cases, it will be registered at the Fourth Auditor's Office. It will be executed in duplicate, and in the case of commissioned or warrant officers, one part will be transmitted by the Paymaster who has registered it, to the Fourth Auditor's Office, and, in the case of any other person, both parts will be so transmitted. The Paymaster will send, with the allotments registered by him, a general abstract for the use of the Fourth Auditor's Office, and a particular abstract for each of the pay agents by whom they are payable. The death, discharge, forfeiture of pay by sentence of a court-martial, or desertion of a person who has an allotment running, will be communicated, by the Paymaster of the vessel or station to which he was attached, to the Fourth Auditor's Office, and to the pay agent by whom it is payable, by the first opportunity that may occur ; in default of which, the Paymaster will be held liable for the amount paid by the pay agent in consequence of such neglect. In case of a discharge abroad, he will charge the allotment for as many months in advance as will probably be required for information of the discharge to reach the Fourth Auditor's Office. Immediately upon the return of a vessel to the United States, at the expiration of her cruise, the Paymaster will send to the Fourth Auditor's Office, and to the several pay agents by whom they are payable, a list of the allotments to be stopped. When an allotment is to be discontinued by request of the person granting the same, the reason must be assigned for its discontinuance. One letter should be addressed to the Fourth Auditor's Office, and one to the pay agent by whom it is payable.

800 All persons enlisting for the Navy, on being transferred to a sea-going vessel, will be allowed to allot only a sum not exceeding one-half the wages corresponding with the rate they received on enlisting. Any subsequent rating conferred on board such vessel is not to govern in determining the amount that may be allotted.

801 Allotment tickets shall be made out by the Paymaster for all those persons on board who may wish to leave them for the benefit of their families or relatives, at the earliest moment after the ship is put in commission, and shall be promptly forwarded by him as required, in order to insure payment when due. In cases of capture of officers or men who have granted allotments which may expire after their capture, the monthly payments of the same are to be continued by pay agents until otherwise ordered.

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