Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 5.

Lieutenants, Masters, and Ensigns of a Navy Yard.

857 The Line Officer next in rank or seniority to the Executive Officer is, under his direction, to observe a general superintendence Lieutenants, Masters, Ensigns, and Ordnance Officer at a Navy Yard. over the yard ; and he will correct, as far as may be in his power, all irregularities that may come under his notice, and report such as may require further notice to the Executive Officer.

858 When the number of officers attached to a yard will permit, a Lieutenant, Master, or Ensign is to be present at the muster of the mechanics and laborers, to see that they answer properly to their names, and repair, without noise or delay, to their respective places of employment.

859 In the absence of the Line Officer next in rank to the Executive Officer, the Line Officer next in rank or seniority to him will attend to his duties ; and so, too, with regard to the absence of any other Line Officer, below the Executive Officer ; the one next in rank is to attend to his duties.

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