Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 7.

Navigation Officer at a Navy Yard.

865 He will have charge of all instruments, charts, nautical books, signal books, log books, and books for ships' libraries, and of all other apparatus and supplies coming under the supervision of the Bureau of Navigation.

866 He will see to the proper care of these various articles, and make the returns prescribed for him by the Bureau of Navigation.

867 He will examine carefully all articles coming under his cognizance received from contractors, manufacturers, or dealers, and only give receipts for them when he is satisfied that the terms of contract or agreement have been fully complied with.

868 He will supervise any work done in the yard for the Navigation Office.

869 He will supply all vessels fitting for sea with the articles to be issued from the Navigation Office, taking receipts for the same and transmitting them to the bureau.

870 He will examine the construction of every vessel in the vicinity of the steering apparatus, and ascertain by personal inspection that there are no iron bars, rods, stanchions, axles, or other iron fastenings in or about the pilot-house, or sufficiently near the binnacle, to affect the compasses, but that, on the contrary, all metallic fastenings or mountings are made of copper or other suitable composition. He will also specially examine into the condition of the compasses of the vessel after they shall have been put on board and in the places selected for them. The result of both of these examinations, for which he will be held responsible, he will report to the bureau.

871 He will be careful to make timely requisitions upon the bureau for all articles which he is expected to have in charge, in order to answer promptly the demands that may be made upon him.

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