Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 18.

Clerk of the Yard.

959 The Clerk of the yard is responsible for the proper mustering of the men, and for making correct returns of their time and the pay allowed them.

960 He is to get his orders from the Commanding Officer with regard to the times and manner of mustering the workmen, and he must be present, duly prepared, precisely at the times prescribed, and then commence the musters. He is to make out, semi-monthly, the pay-rolls by which the workmen are to be paid the wages they have earned, and these, containing the names of the workmen, the number of days' work each has performed, the class to which each belongs, the rate of pay established by the Commandant for each class, the amount due to each individual, the whole amount chargeable to each appropriation, and marginal notes of all extra work performed, are to be certified by him as correct in every particular. He is also to make out monthly a copy or transcript of the last two semi-monthly pay-rolls, which is to be signed by himself, and then approved and forwarded by the Commandant to the Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks.

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