Lewis Richard

Seaman, USS Brooklyn

Lewis Richard was born c1836 in France. He enlisted on 12 December 1861 at Baltimore for a three year contract as a Seaman. Richard was attached to the USS Brooklyn during the second quarter of 1864 [3], [5]

Richard was aboard the Brooklyn during the 5 August 1864 Battle of Mobile Bay, in which action he was killed.[3], [5].

Lewis Richard was 28 years old and had been in the Navy for two years and seven months.


Unknown. The Brooklyn dead from 5 August 1864 were originally buried at Fort Powell. Some of Richard's shipmates are in marked graves at Mobile National Cemetery. There is a large number of Civil War-era unknown graves south of the "Navy" section of Mobile National, Richard and the other dead from the Battle of Mobile Bay that were not buried at sea might have been relocated there from Fort Powell in the late 1860s.



Awards and Memorials



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