John Ryan

Landsman, USS Brooklyn

John Ryan was born c1843 in either New York (rendezvous return) or Philadelphia (muster roll) and enlisted in New York as a Landsman on 21 April 1864 for a one year term with previous naval experience of 14 months. [1] Per his rendezvous index card, Ryan was attached to the USS Brooklyn on 27 April 1864. [2]

Ryan was aboard the Brooklyn during the 5 August 1864 Battle of Mobile Bay, in which action he was killed after being struck by a shell.[3].

John Ryan was 21 years old and had been in the Navy for nearly 18 months across both enlistments.

The VA's National Gravesite Locator mistakenly lists Ryan as US Army rather than US Navy as of December 2019


Section 2, Grave 551, Mobile National Cemetery

John Ryan and the rest of the Brooklyn KIAs from the Battle of Mobile Bay were originally buried at Fort Powell. The graves were later removed by the Army Quartermaster Department to Mobile National Cemetery.



Awards and Memorials



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