USS Arizona

The Arizona was a side-wheel steamer built in 1858 for commercial service and was seized by the Confederates on 15 January 1862 for use as a blockade runner.

Sailing the name of Caroline, she was used to run the blockade between NOLA, Mobile to Havana. On 28 October 1862, after a six-hour chase, she was captured as a prize by the USS Montgomery off Mobile.

She was sent to Philadelphia with a prize crew and after adjudication, was purchased by the Navy on 23 January 1863.

With her name of Arizona restored, she was commissioned on 9 March 1863, Acting Volunteer LT Daniel P. Upton commanding.

The Arizona was assigned to the West Gulf Blockading Squadron, arriving on station in March of 1863 where she mostly served on the Texas blockade.

On 27 February 1865, while steaming up the Mississippi River from South West Pass to New Orleans, a fire broke out in one of the storerooms. After it was clear there was no possibility to save the ship, her CO ordered her abandoned. The Arizona drifted to the west bank of the river, where the ship burned until her magazine exploded and she sank.

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      Name Rate/Rank Date of Death Age
    øJason M. BerryCoxswain27 February 186532
    ✚ ⋂ ★ George W. BranchSurgeon's Steward15 August 186324
    William BrownCoal Heaver1863
    Charles ButcherSailmaker's Mate8 October 1863
    William C. DuffyCoal Heaver186321
    Alexander Ellison3rd Class Boy (Contraband)21 November 1863
    Asa T. HawsActing Master's Mate26 November 1863
    ✚ ★ Charles LenkinSeaman8 September 186327
    øJohn LewisActing 3rd Assistant Engineer27 February 1865
    ø Michael McGowan-27 February 1865
    William Mitchel3rd Assistant Engineer19 November 1863
    John Murphy2nd Class Fireman20 November 1863
    Michael J. MurphyLandsman1864
    Lafayette RayLandsman21 April 1865
    Thomas ShawSailmaker's Mate12 November 1863
    Ulrich SimpsonSeaman2 April 1865
    John H. SmithLandsman4 November 1863
    ✚ ⋂James TroopLandsman15 October 1864
    Jack Tyler3rd Class Boy (Contraband)17 May 186470
    Samuel S. WetherallLandsman18 October 1863
    George WilliamsCaptain of the Forecastle19 October 1863
    George Wood1st Class Fireman3 October 1863


    killed in action
    prisoner of war
    died of disease or injury
    died of yellow fever
    ø died due to vessel loss
    died in ordnance accident
    buried on land in marked grave
    buried/lost at sea
    🎖 Medal of Honor recipient
    transcribed letters of sailor/marine posted

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