USS Cincinnati

The USS Cincinnati was assigned to the West Gulf Blockading Squadron in February 1865.

The Cincinnati participated in the battles of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakeley, the latter battle leading to the surrender of Mobile on 12 April 1865. The "Naval Register" in the 29 April 1865 issue of Army-Navy Journal notes two officers from the Cincinnati had the honor of raising the Union flag over Mobile after the city finally surrendered:

CINCINNATI, iron-clad, 13 - The vessel has been very active in the recent operations at Mobile, and well sustained her former glorious record. To two of her officers - Acting Master J. B. Williams and Acting Ensign James Igo, belongs the honor of raising the first Union flag in Mobile, which was run up on the flagstaff of the Battle House, on the morning of the 12th instant, just after the Mayor had gone out of the city to surrender it to our forces. The Rebel General Maury and a small squad of calvary were still in town when the colors were run up. On the day following, the Cincinnati's launch, which was dragging for torpedoes in the bay around that vessel, was blown into atoms by the explosion of a torpedo which they were hauling out of the water - the officer in charge, Acting Master's Mate Leon De Wolf, and two men, were killed by the explosion. This vessel is now under command of Lieutenant Commander George Brown.

She was decommissioned at Algiers, Louisiana, on 4 August 1865 and sold the following year.

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  • Deaths

      Name Rate/Rank Date of Death Age
    ✹ ⋂Leon De WolfActing Master's Mate13 June 186524
    John DrionOrdinary Seaman13 April 186521
    Christopher HowardCaptain of the Forecastle13 April 186536
    ✚ ⋂Martin E. McLane1st Class Fireman13 June 186526


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