USS Fear Not

The USS Fear Not was purchased by the Navy 20 July 1861 and commissioned 28 August 1861 with Acting Master E. H. Faucon commanding.

She was assigned to the West Gulf Squadron as a coal and supply ship, initially off Ship Island and later off New Orleans after the fall of the city. At New Orleans, Fear Not also served as a convalescent ship for NH New Orleans.

After the war, she was used to transport ordnance to Pensacola and to act as a guard ship until May 1866 when Fear Not was ordered north to be decommissioned. She was decommissioned at Boston 18 July 1866 and sold 3 October 1866.

The ship's name is alternatively seen as spelled "Fearnaught" and "Fearnot" in documents.


  Name Rate/Rank Date of Death Age
Charles AuronsLandsman12 July 1865
Frederick BeldenActing Master's Mate23 September 1863
John Y. ColeOrdinary Seaman24 February 1865
✚ ⋂John H. ConklinLandsman30 June 1865
John DaffronOrdinary Seaman21 January 1863
Christopher DavisLandsman9 January 1865
Samuel HoldenLandsman31 October 186126
✚ ⋂Samuel "Sandy" LewisLandsman26 April 186519
J. Mick Marshall-2 October 1864
✚ ⋂ ✎John MathiasSeaman24 August 186539
Charles McPherson-11 April 1865
✚ ⋂Henry PeerLandsman11 April 1865
Frank Poindexter3rd Class Boy (Contraband)16 October 1865
✚ ⋂Mark Rivers2nd Class Boy (Contraband)2 July 1864
Sherman RogerLandsman2 February 186526
Henry Shampine (alias John Wilson)Ship's Cook27 July 186523
Charles H. SnowSurgeon's Steward22 September 186324
✚ ⋂Washington Taylor3rd Class Boy (Contraband)25 September 186333
Thomas C. Tookey-5 October 1864
William H. Tummey-20 October 1864
Jackson Turner2nd Class Boy (Contraband)9 December 1863
William Watson1st Class Boy19 September 1865


killed in action
prisoner of war
died of disease or injury
died of yellow fever
ø died due to vessel loss
died in ordnance accident
buried on land in marked grave
buried/lost at sea
🎖 Medal of Honor recipient
transcribed letters of sailor/marine posted

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