USS Hartford

The USS Hartford was a screw sloop-of-war that was built at the Boston Navy Yard, launched 22 November 1858 and commissioned 27 May 1859.

She served as David Farragut's flag ship when he commanded the West Gulf Blockading Squadron. She arrived on station at Ship Island on 20 February 1862 and remained until the end of 1864 except for between 1 August 1863 and 17 January 1864 when Hartford was ordered to New York for battle damage repairs.

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      Name Rate/Rank Date of Death Age
    James Alexander Landsman 5 August 186423
    William E. AndrewsCaptain of the Afterguard5 August 186431
    Thomas BainOrdinary Seaman5 August 186424
    William H. BrownLandsman24 April 186223
    ⚔ 〰Thomas F. ButlerPrivate, USMC14 March 1863
    John CameronOrdinary Seaman15 July 186228
    Francis CampbellFireman 2nd Class5 August 186430
    Henry ClarkFirst Class Boy5 August 186416
    David CurtinLandsman5 August 186421
    William DevereuxSeaman12 January 186420
    Edward DonnellyQuartermaster30 May 1862
    Dennis DriscollLandsman19 March 1863
    Peter DuncanCoal Heaver5 August 186432
    William EldinSeaman31 August 186431
    John W. FiskCaptain of the Top16 July 1862
    ✚ ⋂William H. Gamble3rd Assistant Engineer26 August 1862
    Theodore GunnOrdinary Seaman23 September 186218
    Benjamin HarperSeaman5 August 186425
    ⚔ ⋂William HawkinsSeaman8 July 186424
    George Heisler2LT, USMC12 July 1862
    ✚ ⋂William Harve Higinbotham Acting Ensign6 August 1864
    Welling HodgkinsLandsman3 March 186318
    Joseph HopkinsLandsman4 February 1862
    Leonard E. House1st Class Boy18 February 186417
    Charles JacksonOrdinary Seaman15 July 186220
    Edward E. JenningsSeaman28 June 186326
    Levi JohnsonContraband29 June 1863
    William JonesOrdinary Seaman1 April 186332
    Herbert H. JudsonActing Master's Mate22 January 1863
    Robert A. KingQuartermaster21 March 186326
    Valentine KnochOrderly Sergeant, USMC6 August 1862
    Joseph LawrenceSeaman24 April 186222
    Lewis McLaneLandsman5 August 186421
    John McLaughlin (alias John D. Barnes)Fireman 2nd Class4 May 186327
    David MorrowQuarter Gunner5 August 186439
    Frederick MunsellLandsman5 August 186421
    James Burleigh OsgoodOrdinary Seaman5 August 186419
    Peter PittsLandsman29 August 186421
    ✚ ⋂William PrestonQuartermaster19 May 1862
    Adolphus PulleSeaman5 August 186423
    ✚ ⋂James Ramsbottom (alias Charles Melville)Ordinary Seaman5 January 1867
    John P. ReedCoal Heaver12 February 1862
    Charles E. SchaeferOrdinary Seaman5 August 186428
    John C. ScottOrdinary Seaman5 August 186422
    Andrew E. SmithCoal Heaver5 August 186435
    William SmithLandsman5 August 186418
    Thomas StauntonSeaman5 August 186426
    Charles Stephenson2nd Class Boy5 August 1864
    George StilwellNurse5 August 186421
    Albert StoneLandsman19 March 1863
    John SwainOrdinary Seaman14 October 186220
    Charles SweeneyLandsman19 March 186321
    ✚ ⋂Rondell TahaperroLandsman13 July 186240
    William B. TarltonOrdinary Seaman14 August 186221
    Augustus ThomasCaptain of the Forecastle25 April 186229
    George WalkerLandsman5 August 186422
    Thomas WildesLandsman5 August 186423
    Michael WalshPrivate, USMC29 August 1863
    William H. WoodburyOrdinary Seaman7 September 186236
    Nathaniel WrightOrdinary Seaman14 September 1862


    killed in action
    prisoner of war
    died of disease or injury
    died of yellow fever
    ø died due to vessel loss
    died in ordnance accident
    buried on land in marked grave
    buried/lost at sea
    🎖 Medal of Honor recipient
    transcribed letters of sailor/marine posted

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