USS Iroquois

The USS Iroquois was a sloop-of-war launched 12 April 1859 and commissioned 24 November 1859 with CMDR James S. Palmer commanding. She was assigned to the West Gulf Blockading Squadron, arriving 28 March 1862. Iroquois was sent north 21 September 1862 due to boiler issues and after time in the yard, was reassigned to the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron.

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      Name Rate/Rank Date of Death Age
    George W. ColeActing Master's Mate24 April 1862
    Jason KnolenSeaman24 April 1862
    Maurice MurphyOrdinary Seaman24 April 1862
    Edwin G. Parsells1st Class Boy24 April 1862
    James PhillipsSeaman24 April 1862
    Jacob SchenfeldtPrivate, USMC24 April 1862
    Alexander Van VredenburghOrdinary Seaman24 April 1862
    Walter J. WhitePrivate, USMC24 April 1862


    killed in action
    prisoner of war
    died of disease or injury
    died of yellow fever
    ø died due to vessel loss
    died in ordnance accident
    buried on land in marked grave
    buried/lost at sea
    🎖 Medal of Honor recipient
    transcribed letters of sailor/marine posted

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