USS Midnight

The Midnight was a bark purchased by the Navy 31 July 1861 and commissioned as USS Midnight 19 October 1861. She was assigned to the Gulf Blockading Squadron 2 November 1861 and remained with the West Gulf when the squadron was split into two. Midnight during her short time in the squadron, operated off the coast of Texas, evidently spending nine months at sea during one stretch. She was sent north in August 1862 per Farragut's report of her condition when she arrived off South West Pass:

Flagship Hartford
New Orleans, August 1, 1862.

Sir, I have to report that the bark Midnight arrived off South West Pass with forty cases of scurvy, dysentery and diarrhea, and the condition of the vessel was bad, from the foremast being sprung and fished and her forerigging rotten. Upon consultation with the fleet, I determined to send her home, as it will be impossible for such a crew to recruit in this climate.

The Midnight has been most active on the west coast of Texas, and has now constantly on blockade nine months, during which time she has only had fresh provisions twenty-four days.

Captain Trathen appears to be an energetic officer, and is desirous to return again to this station, his crew's times have nearly expired, and it would not be well under any circumstances to send these men back here for some time.

Very respectfully
Your obedient servant
D. G. Farragut
Flag officer, commanding Western Gulf Blockading Squadron

After repairs and a fresh crew, Midnight was reassigned to the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron and finally the East Gulf Blockading Squadron.

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