Navy Yard Pensacola

The former Navy Yard Pensacola is now Naval Air Station Pensacola. There was a yellow fever epidemic in the yard in the late summer of 1863, accounting for the large number of Marine deaths in a short timespan.


  Name Rate/Rank Date of Death Age
Thomas BrownPrivate, USMC6 October 1863
John DaineyPrivate, USMC8 October 1863
George DerbyshirePrivate, USMC4 October 1863
John DonovanPrivate, USMC12 October 1863
Frank EndulyPrivate, USMC15 October 1863
Kingman Flint2nd Lieutenant, USMC15 October 1863
Michael HarneyPrivate, USMC16 November 1863
George ManningPrivate, USMC11 October 1863
Michael MasterzonPrivate, USMC27 September 1863
Patrick McDermoltPrivate, USMC26 September 1863
Michael McGinnisPrivate, USMC6 November 1863
Hugh McGuirePrivate, USMC6 October 1863
Fred NortonPrivate, USMC6 November 1863
Samuel ParkerPrivate, USMC6 November 1863
George SmithSergeant, USMC16 March 1864
George E. SmithPrivate, USMC11 October 1863
John C. SpoffordPrivate, USMC16 October 1863
Thomas WalshPrivate, USMC15 October 1863
Ephraim WileyPrivate, USMC15 October 1863
James WilsonPrivate, USMC12 October 1863


killed in action
prisoner of war
died of disease or injury
died of yellow fever
ø died due to vessel loss
died in ordnance accident
buried on land in marked grave
buried/lost at sea
🎖 Medal of Honor recipient
transcribed letters of sailor/marine posted

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