Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 3.

Assistant Engineers.

515 When there is no Chief Engineer on board, the duties assigned to him will devolve on the senior Assistant Engineer.

516 Assistant Engineers are at all times faithfully and zealously to carry into prompt execution all orders they may receive from the Engineer Officer in charge on board, or others their superiors; and they are to be especially careful in the management of the engines, boilers, and their dependencies; to adhere strictly to the directions of the Engineer in charge, and to report to him instantly on discovering anything going wrong about them.

517 When the engines are in operation, the Engineer of the watch will execute promptly all orders he may receive from the Officer of the Deck, though he must be careful in so doing that no risk of injury is incurred. Should he receive an order which, in his judgment, would involve dangerous consequences, he will immediately send bis reasons for his opinion to the Officer of the Deck and inform the senior Engineer, who will at once refer to the Commanding Officer for instruction.

518 He will make hourly reports to the Officer of the Deck whether the engines and their dependencies, the force-pumps, hose, and all other means for extinguishing fire, are in good order, and that the pumps and hose are ready for immediate use. Should anything occur to require a change in the orders under which the Engineer is then acting, or should special attention be required to any object in order to insure safety or more efficiency, he will report the same to the Officer of the Deck immediately.

519 Should it be necessary from any cause to stop the engines suddenly, he will report the fact to the Officer of the Deck; if not possible to do so in time before stopping them, he will report after- wards his reasons therefor and the probable length of time they will be stopped. He will also inform the Chief Engineer immediately.

520 He will note hourly on the steam-log all the information which the columns in it require, and place in the column of "remarks" full information of the state of the weather and sea, and all accidents to or defects in the engines or their dependencies, the manner of their working, the quality of the coal, and any other circumstances which may be useful for determining the powers and qualities of the vessel and the engines under the various circumstances to which they may be exposed.

521 He will be particularly careful to prevent the waste of coals, oil, tallow, and all other stores in the Engineer's Department.

522 In the absence of the senior Engineer Officer belonging to the vessel, the one remaining on board highest in rank or seniority is to be held responsible for the good order of the engine-room, and for the proper discharge of all the duties connected therewith.

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