Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 5.


524 The Surgeon or the senior Medical Officer ordered to a vessel will, in addition to the duties prescribed in the "Instructions for the government of medical officers," examine the dispensary, medical store-rooms, and sick bay; to see that every preparation is made for the reception of stores and medicines, and for the proper care of the sick and wounded. In case of any defect in the arrangements he will report it immediately to the Commanding Officer.

525 The sick bay, dispensary, and medical store-rooms are under his immediate charge. He will see that they are kept in proper condition, and will report them daily for inspection to the Executive Officer, at such times as the Commander of the vessel may direct.

526 He will be particularly attentive to the comfort and cleanliness of all patients under his professional care.

527 He will report to the Commanding Officer daily the names and condition of the sick, according to such forms as may be prescribed, and will, at the same time, suggest any measures he may deem important for the health of the crew, and will cause to be deposited daily in the binnacle a list of the officers and other persons whose condition requires that they should be excused from duty.

528 He will take every precaution to prevent the introduction or progress of any infectious disease, and make immediate report to the Commander of any probable danger from or the appearance of any such disease.

529 He is carefully to examine the crew, as soon as practicable after joining the ship, for the purpose of reporting to the Commanding Officer any necessity that may exist for vaccination, which, if possible, is to be performed before the sailing of the vessel.

530 He will be allowed to his exclusive use a convenient store- room for the preservation of articles in his charge, and will, upon application to the Commanding Officer, be allowed proper persons, in addition to the established attendants, should they be necessary, to assist in the care of the sick and to perform other services for their comfort.

531 He is at all times to have in readiness everything necessary for the relief of the wounded.

532 On the probability of an engagement he will cause a sufficient number of tourniquets to be distributed to the officers in different parts of the ship, and see that all persons stationed with him, and such others as may be designated, are instructed in the proper mode of using them.

533 He will cause the boats attending the ship with articles of food for sale to be examined, and if any contain articles the use of which would, in his opinion, be injurious to the crew, he will represent the same to the Commanding Officer.

534 The journal of his daily practice shall be subject to the inspection of the Surgeon of the Fleet, and be forwarded, as directed, for correspondence aud other reports, to the Chief of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery at the expiration of the cruise.

535 Whenever any person on board shall receive any wound or injury which may probably entitle him to make application for a pension, he shall report the same to the Commander, in writing, before the person be removed or discharged from the vessel, that a proper survey may be held and certificate issued, according to such form as may be prescribed by the Pension Office.

536 When practicable such persons who may be sent to a hospital or a hospital vessel are to be accompanied by a medical officer, and the Surgeon will send with them a statement of their diseases or injuries, with a synopsis of treatment, according to such forms as may be prescribed by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.

537 He shall inspect the provisions for the crew, and report to the commanding officer when he may discover any that are unsound. Also, he will cause the purity of the water to be tested before it is received into the tanks, and he will make known to the commanding officer any want of care or cleanliness in the preparation of food for the crew, or any instance of personal neglect with regard to it, of which he may be cognizant. In fine, everything which may come to his knowledge as conducive to, or militating against, the general health and comfort of the ship.s company, he will make known to the commanding officer.

533 After battle, he shall make out in duplicate a careful report of killed and wounded, one copy of which he will send to the commander of the vessel, and the other shall be forwarded, through the proper channel, to the Surgeon of the Fleet.

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