Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 1.


590 The Yeoman shall receipt and be responsible for all stores In the Boatswain's, Carpenter's, and Sailmaker's departments, and for all stores in the Gunner's department as may be placed under his charge in the general store-room.

591 He shall see that all the regulations respecting lights in the store room are strictly observed, and that every precaution is taken to guard against fire or other accidents; and must never suffer private stores of any kind to be kept in the store-room without written orders to that effect from the Commander.

592 He shall keep the accounts, according to the forms which are or may be prescribed, of all receipts, expenditures, conversions, or transfers of stores in the respective departments, specifying the time and place, and the person from whom the articles were received, and to whom and for what purpose they were delivered, and, if converted to other purposes than those for which they were received, by whose order.

593 He shall present the accounts of receipts and expenditures weekly to the Executive Officer of the vessel for examination.

594 He shall exhibit the abstract expense-books to the Commanding Officer within the first week of each month, that he may cause the same to be compared with his own, and, if found correct, the Commander shall approve the same, as a Voucher for the Yeoman's accounts.

595 He shall, when a ship is to be paid off, or placed in ordinary, present to the Commander his expense-books, to be returned into the Navy store, and an abstract statement of the total quantities of the respective articles which may have been received and expended in each year during the cruise, and which may then remain on hand, or have been returned into store, as shown by his expense books; and the Commander shall forward the same to the proper bureaus of the Navy Department, and shall state whether the quantities reported by the Yeoman's expense-books correspond with the quantities actually on hand, or returned into store, as ascertained by survey; and, if there should be any difference, he will note the same; and, if in his power, will state the probable cause of such difference.

596 Unless ordered by the Secretary of the Navy, the Yeoman shall not receive more than three-fourths of his pay until the stores in his charge shall have been examined and found correct.

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