Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 2.


597 The Master-at-Arms, being the Chief of Police, must exercise a strict surveillance over the conduct of the crew, particularly when upon the berth-deck. When there is no officer in charge of the berth deck, he will be considered in charge, and must be obeyed accordingly; he will superintend the berth deck messes, maintain order and cleanliness, and report to the Officer of the Deck any violation of the regulations which may come to his knowledge; he will see the mess-bills made out on the last day of each month.

598 He is to keep an account of the offences committed by, and punishments awarded to, Petty Officers and persons of inferior ratings, and, at 9 a. m. daily, to furnish the Commanding Officer with a report of persons confined for misconduct, stating their offences, manner, and date of confinement.

599 In case of fire, of going into action, or of any sudden danger, he shall release any of the crew who may be confined, and will instantly report to the Executive Officer that they are so released.

600 He is to see the hold and all store-rooms locked at the appointed hour, and that no lights are left therein; and, on returning the keys, to report the same to the Executive Officer.

601 He is to see that all fires, and the officers and ship's company's lights are extinguished at the proper hour; and that during the night no lights are permitted, except those authorized by the Commanding Officer.

602 He, together with the Ship's Corporals, will be particularly vigilant in preventing the smuggling of liquor into the ship, and in examining boats or lighters to ascertain that no improper articles are either brought on board or carried away from the ship, and that none of the crew leave the vessel in them without due authority.

603 When the magazine is about to be opened, he is to see that all required fires and lights are properly extinguished, and to report them so to the Officer of the Deck; and, at the same time, he is to notify the Marine Officer in charge of the guard that the magazine is about to be opened, so that the necessary directions may be given to sentinels to prevent the use of improper fires or lights until it is closed.

604 He is, at all general musters of the crew, to account for absentees as their names are called.

605 Immediately upon the death, desertion, or capture of any of the crew, he will secure all their property, and, after the inventories are made out, deliver the same to the Paymaster; and, should any of the crew absent themselves without leave, he will take charge of their effects, till otherwise ordered by superior authority.

606 Ship's Corporals are to be subordinate to the Master-at- Arms, and assist him in the performance of his duties. In the absence of the Master-at-Arms, the senior is to discharge his duties.

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