Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 3.

Petty Officers Generally.

607 The Petty Officers are required to exhibit a good example of subordination, alacrity, and cleanliness, and to aid their superiors to the utmost of their ability in maintaining order and discipline.

608 They will be allowed such indulgence as the duties of the ship, and the nature of the service upon which she is engaged, in the judgment of the Commanding Officer, will permit.

Section 4.

Persons Inferior in Rating to the Petty Officers.

609 All other persons composing the crew are hereby enjoined to yield, on all occasions, a willing, cheerful, and prompt obedience to those placed over them; to be especially attentive to their stations and the instructions they may receive; to avoid difficulties with each other, and departures from regulations; to be always tidy about their, persons and effects; and, in a word, to contribute all in their power to promote order and harmony.

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