Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Stores and Outfits.

670 The Commander of a vessel, when she is first equipped, shall be furnished by the Commandant of the yard with inventories of all the articles belonging to the different departments ; and he thereafter to cause accurate accounts to be kept of all expenses incurred for the vessel in the different departments, and shall make quarterly returns to the Commander of the division, squadron, or fleet, embracing a complete abstract of the expenditure of stores in the Master's, Boatswain's, Gunner's, Carpenter's, and Sailmaker's departments, which the latter will investigate and forward to the Bureaus to which they belong, with his remarks thereon.

671 He shall examine all the returns of expenditures, all requisitions for supplies, all accounts rendered against the vessel, and, on being satisfied of their correctness, shall approve the same.

672 In making or approving requisitions for stores of any kind he will, unless otherwise specially authorized, only require or approve for the articles which may be necessary to complete such quantities as are or may be established as the allowance for the vessel or specially authorized, and the requisition must state that it is so made.

673 He shall use the utmost economy and care in everything which relates to the expenses of the vessel or the public service, and shall require from all those under his command a rigid compliance with the regulations for the receipt, conversion, and expenditure of stores of every description.

674 He shall not land any articles of outfit or stores with which the vessel may be supplied, unless the Commander-in-Chief of the squadron should so order, and he shall, before he leaves a foreign station, take on board any articles so landed, unless otherwise directed.

675 When a vessel is ordered to be placed in ordinary, he shall, unless otherwise directed, after a survey shall be made upon the different articles, cause all the stores to be tallied, and properly marked and safely delivered to the proper officers of the Navy Yard.

676 Should a cable be slipped or parted, the Commander of the vessel, or, if he cannot, the senior officer present, shall use every exertion possible to recover the lost part and anchor ; but, should neither have an opportunity so to do, then information of the fact must at once be forwarded to the Navy Department, or to the nearest public agent of the United States, whichever course may best lead to a prompt recovery.

677 When the ship is paid off or placed in ordinary, he shall require from the Yeoman and officers charged with stores an abstract statement of the receipts and expenditures of stores during each fiscal year, and the total quantity during the cruise ; and shall, under this abstract, enter the quantities remaining on hand, as shown by the general abstract expense book. If the remaining stores shall be landed, or can be surveyed before he leaves the ship, the quantities actually landed, or found to be on hand by survey, shall also be stated under the quantities as shown by the abstract, expense book ; and if any differences shall be found to exist, he shall have inquiry made as to the cause, and note the result upon the report and forward the same to the Navy Department. If the Commander should be detached and the ship delivered over before the stores are landed or surveyed, he will sign and transmit to the Commanding Officer of the Navy Yard the required abstract of receipts and expenditures during the cruise and the quantities on hand, as shown by the expense books.

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