Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 9.

Surgeon of a Navy Yard.

883 The Surgeon of a navy yard will, in addition to the duties required in the " Instructions for the Government of Medical Officers." have charge of all medicines, medical stores, instruments, and other articles provided by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery for use at the yard for vessels fitting out or received from vessels arriving there.

884 He will give his professional attention, when necessary, to all officers and other persons belonging to the Navy and Marine corps who are attached to the yard for duty. Naval officers are only entitled to the attendance of naval surgeons when they are attached to shore stations where a surgeon is employed, to vessels in commission, or are in a naval hospital.

885 In case of wounds or injuries received by mechanics or laborers while at work in the yard, he is required to apply a first dressing, and will expend whatever may be necessary for the purpose from public stores in his charge.

886 He will report daily to the Commandant the names of all persons attached to the navy yard who are excused from duty on account of sickness, and to the officer in command of marines the names of all marines who may be unfit for duty.

887 He will inspect the persons of all recruits who may offer to enlist in the Marine corps at the navy yard, and of all candidates for any appointment in the navy who may present themselves under proper authority. The report in each case must be made according to Form No. 24, Appendix.

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