Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 10.

Surgeon of a Naval Hospital.

888 In addition to the "Instructions for the Government of Medical Officers," the Surgeon of a hospital will conform to the following:

889 Whenever patients are left in a hospital after the sailing of the vessel from which they were sent, he must, whenever any of them are in a situation to justify their removal, send them to the receiving vessel, or report to the Commandant of the station, that they may be sent to some other vessel or discharged.

890 Whenever any enlisted person shall not have so far recovered as to justify his removal from the hospital when his term of service shall have expired, or if the injuries or disease of any person sent to the hospital will, in the opinion of the Surgeon, prove incurable, or produce long continued inability to perform duty, the Surgeon must immediately report such cases to the Commander of the station, making a particular statement of all the facts and circumstances connected with each case within his knowledge, that they may be transmitted to the Secretary of the Navy for his decision.

891 If any clothing or other articles be furnished to men while in a hospital, a statement of them with their cost is to be made upon the back of the clothes lists which accompanied them to the hospital, and this is to be duly certified by the proper officer of the hospital, in order that the articles may be charged against the pay of those who received them.

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