Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 13.

Inspectors in Charge of Paymasters' Stores.

900 Inspecting officers at navy yards, connected with the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, in addition to the duties prescribed in the "Instructions for the Government of Inspectors in charge of stores, Naval Storekeepers, Paymasters, and Assistant Paymasters, " are charged with the following : To receive and inspect all stores offered, by authority, for delivery under contract, and to prepare for issue all such as strictly conform to the conditions of the contract and to the samples where they have been provided ; to receive stores from ships returned from sea, and to keep and issue these under the direction of the bureau* 901 The term "stores," as applicable to articles belonging to the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, is to be understood as meaning provisions, clothing, small stores, candles, Paymaster's stationery and blanks, and Steward's stores.

902 Inspectors in charge are hereby required to exercise a constant supervision over the stores in their custody, and to protect them against deterioration by every means in their power.

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