Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 14.

Naval Constructors.

903 The Naval Constructor will act under the direction of the Commandant of the yard, and the Chief of the Bureau of Construction and Repairs.

904 He will have the general superintendence and charge of the construction and repairs of all vessels depending upon the Bureau of Construction and Repairs, and also the immediate superintendence and direction of all master- workmen, mechanics, and laborers employed on the work confided to him, and give them their instructions accordingly.

905 He will conform strictly to the instruction as he may receive for the building, repair, and equipment of ships, being furnished with copies of orders and contracts relating thereto ; if, in the course of the repairs of any vessel, defects should he discovered which were not previously known, and which will be likely to increase the expense or delay the work, he will make immediate report of the same to the Commandant for further instructions, suggesting such modifications as will be likely to diminish the expense or increase the utility of the work. He will prepare bills of materials and schedules for advertisements, and also the accounts of cost of building and repairing ships, for transmission, when duly approved, to the Bureau of Construction and Repairs.

906 He will, at the end of each fiscal year, submit to the Commandant a report of the vessels that have been built, repaired, and for which work has been done, giving the original estimate and the actual expenditure.

907 He will make such suggestions to the Commandant of the yard, in the line of his profession or duty, as he may consider to be to the interest of the service.

908 He will inform the Commandant in writing of the number of persons required, and suggest names in the various departments under his control, and will recommend their respective wages ; when the services of any are no longer required, he will report to the Commandant the persons that may be dispensed with ; and he will report any irregularity, incompetence, neglect, or misconduct of persons under his direction.

909 The inspection and measurement of all materials used on work under his charge, and the storage and preservation of timber and wood materials for the same, will be under his supervision and control. He will adopt measures to prevent the use or conversion of any timber or other wood material or metals until such account is taken of them as will secure a correct expenditure ; and he will cause daily returns to be made to the inspector of timber of the wood materials which may have been used or converted, and to what object applied, that he may be able to furnish the information necessary, in order that requisitions may be made to cover the expenditure. He will have such records and registers of timber kept as may be prescribed, that the particular species and quantities remaining on hand may at all times be known. All condemned timber shall be expended as such, and shall be included in the semi-monthly requisitions accordingly, as if expended in any other manner.

910 He will examine and certify to the correctness of all bills for materials and supplies for work under his charge ; will examine as to the correctness of the pay-roll for labor ; will have made and sign the semi-monthly and other reports in his department that are required to be made by the Commandant of the yard to the Bureau of Construction and Repairs, the Commandant causing him to be furnished with the costs and expenditures necessary for this purpose.

911 All requisitions for materials or articles in his department are to be made by the master workmen employed under his direction, and when countersigned by him are to be submitted for the approval of the Commandant of the yard, who will allow such as he may deem necessary. No articles or materials are to be purchased without previous requisitions, nor are any to be used till they are duly inspected, approved, and received. Ho will have proper requisitions made to cover the expenditure of all the timber and wood materials which may have been used or condemned during the preceding half month by the master workmen.

912 Master workmen under him will report at the middle and end of each month the expenditure of materials and labor upon the several objects under their immediate superintendence.

913 He will be responsible for all waste and improper use of materials by those under his general superintendence.

914 He will have an exact account kept of all materials and labor expended on each and every object, and report to the Commandant semi-monthly the operations on the same, distinguishing the number and classes of the men employed, and the kind and quantities of materials used on each.

915 He will carefully examine, at least once a month, all the vessels which may be on the stocks or in ordinary, to see that they are as effectually guarded against change of form or decay as circumstances will permit, and make a written report to the Commandant of the yard.

916 la docking or undocking a vessel he will make all the needful preparations for taking her in and out properly ; and, when docked, the moving, placing, and securing her will be done under his superintendence.

917 When there is no Civil Engineer attached to a navy yard, his duties will devolve upon the Naval Constructor, until some other person shall be appointed by the Navy Department to perform them.

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