Regulations for the government of the United States Navy (1865)

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Section 15.

Civil Engineers.

918 When there shall be a Civil Engineer or Architect employed at any navy yard, he will act under the direction of the Commandant, and Chief of the Bureau of Yards and Docks.

919 He will have the superintendence and charge of the erection and repairs of all buildings in the yards, and of all docks and wharves. He will have the immediate superintendence and direction of the Architect, when one is employed at the same yard with himself, and of all master and other workmen employed on said works, and will recommend their respective wages, and be responsible for the proper distribution and employment of all materials for said work.

920 He will conform strictly to the instructions he may receive for executing the work, and will prepare plans and estimates of cost, with bills of materials and schedules for advertisements which may be necessary for such works as may be directed. These plans and estimates of cost must be prepared in duplicate for transmission to the Bureau of Yards and Docks, one of which, when duly approved, will be returned to the Commander of the yard for the guidance of the Commandant and Engineer, and the other retained in the Bureau.

921 He will, at the end of each fiscal year, submit to the Commandant a report, giving a clear and distinct statement of the condition of the several works of improvement confided to his charge, the original estimate to complete, the amount appropriated for each object, progress made upon each, and the total amount expended during the year, the amount of appropriations un-expended for each, and the additional amount, if any, required to complete such work ; and if more is required than was originally estimated, the reasons must be fully stated.

922 He will make such suggestions to the Commandant of the yard, in the line of his profession or duty, as he may consider advantageous to the interest of the service.

923 He will inform the Commandant, in writing, of the number of persons required, and suggest names, in the various departments under his control, and when the services of any are no longer required, he will report to the Commandant the persons that may be dispensed with.

924 The inspection and measurement of all materials, and of all works under his charge, will be under his supervision and control.

925 He will examine and certify to the correctness of all bills for materials and supplies for works under his charge ; will examine as to the correctness of the pay-roll for labor, and sign monthly and semimonthly reports, in his department, that are required to be made by the Commandant of the yard to the Bureau of Yards and Docks.

926 All requisitions for materials or articles in his department are to be made by the master workmen employed under his direction, countersigned by him, and sent for approval to the Commandant of the yard, who will allow such as he may deem necessary. No articles or materials are to be purchased without previous requisition, nor are any to be used till they are duly inspected, approved, and receipted for, 927 Master workmen under him will report, at the middle and end of each month, the expenditure of materials and labor upon the several objects under their immediate superintendence.

928 He will be responsible for all waste or improper use of materials by those under his general superintendence.

929 He will keep an exact account of all materials and labor expended Upon each object, and report to the Commandant, semimonthly, the operations on the same, distinguishing the number and classes of the men employed, and the kind and quantities of materials used on each.

930 He will be careful that the sums expended, and the liabilities incurred, shall not exceed the appropriation for any work ; to which end he will be furnished by the Commandant with copies of appropriations and contracts made, and of orders issued in relation to any of the works under his control ; and he will be held responsible for the execution of the works confided to him according to the plans approved by the bureau, and within the time and amount estimated by him. On failing to do so, he will be required to account satisfactorily therefor.

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